Tokyo Exhibit In collaboration with International Gallery Beams

The exhibit consists of 35 reproduction 4x5” prints

2 large format reproduction prints, and coffret de tirage.
Hand screen printed t-shirts.

Limited edtion availble;

Hosted by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi.

A concept created and realised by Jonathan Hallam.

The Revealing was a performative exhibition of La Femme de Cabine.

The surreal portraits were poster-pasted live  in front of the audience onto steel frames designed
by the artist specifically for the performance. Alongside The Revealing was a selection of
Jonathan Hallam's unseen Martin Margiela archive.

The happening took place in the cities oldest wine factory in Ghvinis Karhana. 

Envoleped in the soundscape created by Andros Gogibedashvili.
Special thanks to the team from the Rustevelli Theatre, Tbilisi.

The artworks are copyright of the artist Jonathan Hallam and any reproduction
is strictly forbidden for resale or any other purpose.
© Jonathan Hallam 2022